Air-Source International defines QUALITY as an ongoing structured approach-a process to provide one hundred percent customer satisfaction via error-free, waste-free and accident-free operation. QUALITY is both a philosophy and a set of guiding principles that represent the foundation of a continuously improving organization.

Management Training
In order to establish our quality process, management personnel attended six four-hour sessions on QUALITY Management  philosophy and two four-hour training sessions on leadership.

Staff Training
All Air-Source International employees, including craft foreman, have attended two two-hour training sessions on QUALITY Management awareness and two two-hour training sessions on quality in the workplace as well as ongoing sessions concerning the synergistic effects of teamwork, interpersonal communication, technical skills and safety.

Quality Improvement Teams Formed
Air-Source International has formed a Quality Improvement Team composed of employees representing a variety of company functions. This team meets weekly to lead and monitor the Air-Source International quality process.

Meeting Customer Expectations
Air-Source International focuses its QUALITY Management program on customer expectation and periodically surveys both internal customers (employees) as well as external customers in order to measure the progress of its continuous improvement process.

  Keys to Quality
The four keys of QUALITY Management are:
  1. Meeting customer requirements
  2. Prevention of defects
  3. An attitude to satisfy the customer all the time
  4. Measurement to verify the process is meeting requirements

Continuous Improvement
Air-Source International implements continuous improvement cycles by asking the following questions:

Employee Communication
Communication between employees is most important in eliciting clear, concise feedback. Company employees take part in the production of monthly newsletters aimed at increasing employee communication.

Process Improvement Teams
As opportunities are identified through surveys and improvement suggestions, the Air-Source International Quality Improvement Team appoints teams to investigate. These teams meet as required to flow chart our business processes, measure to evaluate what is going on, and make recommendations to management for improvement.

Total Commitment to QUALITY Management
Air-Source International totally committed to QUALITY Management. This means commitment to training our entire staff, commitment financially, commitment of time on the part of our staff, and commitment to improving our company's methods of doing business.


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