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As a building owner or facility manager you face a continuous challenge to maximize the value of your capital assets. Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system energy use is a significant component of your facility's overall operating cost.    Air-Source International stays current with the changes that can impact your operation including:  

 Air-Source International will assist you in identifying opportunities that will help to optimize the value of your HVAC assets. From analysis and project recommendations, through the design and implementation, to commissioning and system monitoring after installation, Air-Source International guarantees the desired results. We also guarantee our on-going support.

As a commercial, industrial, or institutional client, you may need our complete range of services or find one that best suits your needs.  

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Air-Source International will do a complete review of the existing heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems at your facility. Reports will be created describing the existing systems, including age and remaining useful life, current condition, operating efficiency, estimated replacement value, and any specific operational problems which have been identified. Recommendations for upgrading the systems will be developed based on the requirements of the client, and will include a description of the modifications, estimated installed cost, and any impact on operating costs.


Air-Source International offers a complete range of mechanical and electrical design services for clients that are looking for single source responsibility in their project implementation. We have established working relationships with large, multinational design firms, which have the necessary resources to successfully address any design requirements. Our extensive network will allow us to make recommendations on contractors, construction managers, and project managers based on first hand knowledge of the local marketplace.


Even when a project is properly evaluated and designed, often what is installed is not what the client expected or paid for. Our project management services provide technical assistance to assure that the system is installed on time, on budget, and meets with the client's performance expectations.


As part of our life-cycle approach to project implementation, Air-Source International offers a unique monitoring and validation service to gather critical information on system operating parameters. The data is compiled using a facility's DDC control system and a mathematical model is created identifying hourly energy usage patterns by system. Critical information will be made available through electronic media, fax, hard copy, or whatever format that best suits the client. This information may be used to verify energy savings, bill individual tenants for utilities delivered from a central system, or as the basis of negotiations with electric utility suppliers. It may also be helpful as an adjunct to an existing service contract to provide predictive maintenance to minimize equipment downtime due to repair.

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 Building commissioning is a process that verifies that an owner receives what is specified in the design documents. It can be considered a quality assurance program, ensuring that the owner receives the maximum life cycle value from the system's operation.

Existing building recommissioning can restore a facility's performance to original design specifications. Recommissioning can uncover and fix existing problems, or can make systems work correctly for the first time.

Air-Source International has project engineers with strong technical knowledge and the experience in existing building operations necessary to lead building commissioning teams. We offer owners the opportunity to independently test and verify the operation of building mechanical systems through the construction cycle and beyond.


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